Why Wooden House?

Wooden homes are being considered as a preferred option for all those who are concerned about well-being, about environment and energy conservation. The advantages of wooden homes are numerous. Please see few advantages below:

Easy to make

While a contemporary home of steel, cement and concrete that takes in ideal conditions 12 months to make. We can do it in 15 days on site.

Energy Efficient

Due to inherent characteristics of wood the structures get cold and warm much faster. They have an advantage of heat preservation and heat insulation performance.

Humidity regulator

The wood retains humidity making the environment around the house less humid. Wood is a natural humidity regulator. Its moisture content always matches the ambient air, providing natural humidity stabilization and regulation.


These houses are highly durable and have a life of as long as 50 years and after that also do not lose their intrinsic value.

Remodeled / Redone

These homes can be remodeled, redone and reconstructed whenever and wherever you so wish.


Maintenance is absolutely easy. Go back to the times when we saw wooden flooring first time and we refused to believe that it has a long life. Today in modern homes wooden floors are more prominent than the tile / mosaic flooring.


Globally wooden houses is a phenomenon. China realized it 15 years back and today there are more than 500 industries that make wooden kits and assemble them.

Seismic performance and strength -These houses are so solid that they can take the countless storms , and seismic performance Thanks to recent innovations in wood engineering codes which have produced products like I-joists, trusses and structural composite lumber Wood can withstand high wind and large earthquakes.

Energy use in manufacturing

These houses not only exhibit suave style and richness research shows that wood products need the least amount of energy to manufacture and that this process has the lowest impact on air and water quality.

Carbon dioxide absorbing capabilities

The trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and the resulting products continue to absorb much of this carbon dioxide for even centuries.

Low operating energy

Wood has low thermal conductivity and good insulating properties and light wood frame technology lends itself readily to construction of building with low operating energy.